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Tuesday, October 27

How to Develop Child Personality

Need to Understand How Child Thinks:

Today i want to share my views on how parents attitude affects the up bringing and personality development of the children. Parents should understand the basics of child's psychology and co-relate it with child behavior to better coordinate with them. Parent's attitude towards the child is the key factor that develops child psychology and how the child takes up things, this is the basic thing that shapes up how the child thinks about everything and everyone around him/her, so as parents; everyone should be careful about their attitude with their children because it can make or break the child. On the other hand, child's behavior is merely a mirror image of the parents attitude.
Understanding child psychology is very vital for parents, it is already the most common and traditional psychology studied today. Some of the good schools now arrange special lectures and seminars for their own teachers where professional psychologists teach them about how to cope with different behaviors of the children. 
Make Learn Fun and Exciting For Children
Make Learn Fun and Exciting For Children

Parents are very possessive about their children and obviously want them to be the best, they want them to be disciplined but most of the parents fail this situation by limiting the freedom and force them to do what they want never thinking about what the child wants. As it is a basic right of every human being to express and do what they want, when parents become imposing they are denying that right to their children, this causes hatred for relations, low confidence and low self esteem in children. Recent stats also confirm that children are more deprived of the freedom now, for example, only 43% children are allowed to play in the park now, especially girls are not allowed a free social life that develops inferiority complex in them.
Parents think that keeping their children inside the home or in front of them is safe and will keep them away from social evils, but by doing this they shatter the confidence and personality development of the children, better way is to tell them all what is good or bad for them and then give them their backing, encourage them to be confident and move forward in life with a strong character.

Top 4 Parental Attitudes towards the Children:

  1. Passive Parents: These type of parents are totally uninvolved with their children, they think that only providing the children with food and clothing is their responsibility, they lack the love and care every child needs, this emotionally blank attitude puts severe negative effects on the personality of the children and they become insecure, rude and emotionless too.
  2. Authoritarian Parents: These parents impose their rules on their children, forcing them to follow them whatever they say. They are not allowed to take their own decision in any matter. This attitude develops a rebel, annoyed and confused personality in the children.
  3. Permissive Parents: This type of parents attitude is good and bad at the same time, the positive thing is that they are very loving and caring with their children, on the other hand they try to impose some useless limits and restrictions on them developing negative emotions in children and making the parent-child relation weak, this negative attitude makes the child feel insecure and hesitant.
  4. Authoritative Parents: This type of attitude is usually found very positive for children, where parents are warm and friendly with them and tell them about the rights and wrongs then let them decide themselves what they want to do. This attitude make children confident and helps them develop their own interest and as a result positive personality.

5 Things to Do for better Personality Development of Children:

  • Be friendly with the children, this way they will be expressive and make it easy for them to say how they feel and what they want.
  • Tell your children about the good and bad things, their mind should be clear about what is right and what is wrong, this will help them in every step of life.
  • Never impose any decision on your child, listen to them, let the child decide, this will make them more confident.
  • Relate to them, spend quality time with them, express your love with them, these positive emotions automatically makes the child love and follow parents back and make parent-child bond stronger.
  • Take them out, show them the world, let the world know them, talk with them, develop their mind and thinking. These things help the children in becoming a good citizen even a leader and always help them throughout their life.

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