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Thursday, November 5

3 Negative Effects of Technology on Health and Lifestyle

 Negative Effects of Technology on Health and Lifestyle

As technological products like electronics, gadgets, computers, TV's, gaming systems and smart phones have become immensely popular and no one can even think to live without them now. These electronic products have become a necessity in today's life. Although i agree that these inventions are great and help us perform our daily tasks too but the real thing to understand is that everything comes with negative effects too. Technology has revolutionized the  home and work life, the way we communicate, enjoy our free time, everything is being changed and now we are wholly depending on these technology products, so as these things have become unavoidable and a large and important part of our daily life, i would like to shed some light on the negative effects of technology that is potentially harming our health and lifestyle.

  1. Effects due to Long Hours Usage of Gadgets:

As mostly the electronic gadgets like TV's, gaming, tablets, laptops, smartphones and other internet connected devices are addictive in nature, people all over the world spend most of their daily time using them, all these electronic gadgets emit electromagnetic radiations, long term consistent use can cause itchy, watery, stressed and redness of eyes. Other than the eyes these electromagnetic radiations can cause heavy headedness, stress and even depression. So limit the use of these gadgets for long hours, if you are into some sort of serious internet business or job, try taking regular intervals every hour. If you cannot avoid long term usage of these gadgets then one way to get rid of these electromagnetic waves out of your head is to sleep on the floor or offer your prayers regularly daily as when you bow your head on the ground, it absorbs major portion of these radiations and you will feel relaxed and stress free. Here the principle of 'Earth' applies, where electric wiring and connections are used to dilute and neutralize by putting one end into the earth.

      2.  Effects of Radio Waves of Telecom and Other Devices:

In majority of countries round the world we see massive telecom towers that emit and spread the radio waves mainly to provide telecom signals, wireless internet service and FM radio channels. People living near by them are under stronger concentration of these radio waves. Some studies have reported that these radiations may cause unwanted cellular changes in the body that can result in cancer. Some studies suggest the same for mobile phones and smart phones, people who are always on the phone or place their phone under their pillow or head while sleeping are at a greater risk. Microwave ovens used for re-heating or cooking food also emit radio waves to instantly re-heat the food, some researchers have also declared the presence of these waves as carcinogenic, however, the manufacturers and majority of the scientists agree that the frequency of these waves is low and not potent enough to cause any damage, still all the users of these devices should be careful and try to avoid them as much as possible.

     3.  Effects of Electronic Devices on Lifestyle:

As already discussed that these devices are addictive in nature and majority of people use them even when they can avoid them. With the development of these devices, messengers, social media and fast internet, people to people contact in real life has decreased, real social life has been effected in a negative way. People do not meet now often, they wish, congratulate or greet everyone via the online social media. The use of these devices is even creating communication gap between the families, once there was a term quality family time, when all family members sit together and discuss all matters in the evening, now this concept is fading away because everyone is busy with their devices and online world, they do not have time for their own family members that is weakening the traditional family bond and relation.

No doubt electronic gadgets are very useful and have more advantages than disadvantages, their use should be calculated. At least it should not effect anyone's health or lifestyle negatively, so i suggest a balanced lifestyle where there should not be excess of anything and balance in everything you do. If you have any tips to come of this technological jungle do post in comments.

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