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Tuesday, November 3

9 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Glowing Skin

best skin care tips

Today's fast lifestyle, adulterated food and polluted air are some major factors that most of the people are suffering from skin problems nowadays. Rush type lifestyle and competition in every field of life is making it difficult for everyone to get time for themselves, busy schedules are making it impossible to take care of oneself including health and skin.
So today i have decided to post some helpful, simple and easy tips to take care of your skin everyday.

  1. As we know that environmental pollution levels are high these days, that can result in clogged pores resulting in black heads, where dust blocks the skin pores, the simple way out is use quality cleanser, take steam therapy or simply mix lemon and honey paste, apply on the skin and then rinse, this will help clear clogged pores.
  2. Never compromise on your sleep, it will not only damage skin but your overall health too. Sleep is a natural rest,healing and repair process, so take peaceful 7-8 hours of sleep every night for glowing skin.
  3. If you stay stressed due to your work, hectic routines or general issues, try to overcome these issues and relieve yourself as quickly as possible. Stress can disturb your immune system and damage organ cells. Stress can stimulate the defense system of the body releasing histamines that can result in rashes and itching etc. So stay happy stay healthy and get a smooth skin too.
  4. If you need a constant glow and bright skin you should involve in love making more than often with your partner. Making love can induce the release of endorphins and serotonins that are good for health, mood and skin.
  5. Vitamin C and E are very good for skin, if you have chronic skin disorder take these vitamins in your daily diet as supplement. Moreover, you can design a Vitamin C and E rich diet to get these great antioxidants. Foods rich in these vitamins are fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits.
  6. Always try to take bath with normal cold water, hot water takes away all the moisture and natural skin oil from the skin causing dead, rusty and itchy skin. you may also add few drops of olive oil in your bath tub to moisturize your skin and body.
  7. Do not use low quality products for your skin. Always select quality products. Avoid products with steroids, chemicals and misleading advertisements.
  8. Take adequate water daily. Water is a natural detoxifier, as it is called a universal solvent, water takes out various toxins from the body and skin. So do not forget to take 2-3 liters of water daily.
  9. Smoking and alcohol intake is bad for overall health, so it tops the donts list if you want a healthy skin. These habits constrict blood vessels thereby reducing blood flow and vital nutrients to the skin.
Although there are many many more skin care tips that i can still share but i have to keep this post readable so i will stop here, i will post some more tips in another post later. If you have some valuable tips to share do not forget to post in comments. 

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