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Thursday, November 12

Angelina Jolie - Charismatic Performer

Angelina Jolie:

The gorgeous actor was born on 4th June, 1975 at Los Angeles, CA. She belongs to Buddhist religious views and white ethnicity.
gorgeous angelina jolie

Early Life and Life Events:

Her parents divorced each other when she was an infant, Jolie was then brought up by her mother, who was single still did everything for the quality brought up of Jolie. Jolie, which is in point of fact her middle name, that means beautiful, and by the age of 16 she had grown into the name. As a youngster, she found it problematic to emotionally link with other individuals, and as an outcome she self-harmed.
She had a broadly-exposed affair with model Jenny Shimizu, her co-star in the movie Foxfire. Her role was Girl, Disturbed with Winona Ryder, where Jolie played a constantly depressed psychological patient not far aloof from herself, and she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She appeared at the awards with her brother, James Haven, and said that, "I am so in love with my brother,"
She was firstly married to Jonny Lee Miller and then Billy Bob Thornton, however her second marriage, like her first, ended in divorce after three years. She is now married to another great Hollywood star Brad Pitt. She has been tattooed further than a dozen times, while some of these were well ahead laser-removed. Jolie declares that she likes to treat her body as a book, using tattoos to spot mainly respectable intervals. Moreover, She is a brave lady and has under gone preventive cancer surgery when she was 37 years old. Once she fainted on the set of  the movie Salt but then recovered and completed the shoot.

International Fame:

She gained global fame due to some projects, one of the biggest such character she performed was Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, 2001, her acting, martial arts and thrilling character was appreciated all around the world and millions were added in her fan club. 
Other than the movies, she attained global fame and respect due to social and humanity service too. Some of them include; UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador now given special envoy status. She created Maddox jolie-pitt foundation for serving humanity. She is also working for immigrants, child education, human and women rights across the globe.
angelina jolie closeup


She received an award Oscar for Best Supporting Actress 2000.
In 1998 she received Golden Globe for George Wallace.
Screen actors guild award for best supporting female actor in Girl, interrupted, 2000.

About Author: 

This is a guest post that has been shared by Libraz (Nickname), the author is A.Levels student and likes to write on diverse topics, Author is a big fan of many entertainers, one of them is Angelina Jolie, author has left this message for the readers; I am her die heart fan so here i want to share some key notes about her career with you guys. Hope you enjoy it and do not forget to comment.

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