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Thursday, November 26

How to Groom Yourself - Tips for Housewives and Working Women

The modern era is full of hustle bustle, no one seems to find time for self development and grooming. It is just a matter of time management, ladies should stay up-to-date, groomed, tidy and active all the time, they should know how to manage work and home, they should balance the time according to the importance of the relations in their life. Here we will discuss what should be done to maintain balanced, healthy and up-to-date lifestyle and how it should be done for women of all ages.
How to make your own style statement?
How do we look?
How do we walk?
How do  we talk?
How do we pronounce most things?
Groomed business woman

These are some most common things that are observed when we interact with anyone. They play an important role in personality grooming and it may vary person to person. It is not possible that what is in fashion or trend suits everyone. Every color does not suit every person for example blue is a very tricky color it suits on counted number of people. Nowadays even the probability of getting a job or get hired also depend on our personality, how we look? how we present ourself? Some people think that to be modern we have to wear western, see through or short vulgar clothes but actually they do not know the major difference between modernity and vulgarity. Skills, experience, knowledge is very important but now cooperate sector gives equal preference to those who wear and look good. No doubt appearance is also very important but not more than quality of skills you have. A person should make his/her own style statement. Be positive, think positive and stay confident. Love your self, make/present yourself beautiful, give proper time to yourself, groom yourself, stay tidy with clean and trimmed hair, nails, teeth, hands and feet, a neat, fresh face always adds to the personality. To achieve all this, it is not necessary to wear a lot of cosmetics on skin or hair as these cosmetics also contain chemicals whose long term use can damage the skin.
So firstly we have to clean our inner body, detoxify the body by drinking a lot of water daily. Hygiene is very important, we should clean damp areas of our body like underarms, under legs as bacteria grow here more due to humid environment in these areas. So after wash we have to dry it by a cotton towel, cloth or tissue paper. Do not let body stay wet as in wet areas bacteria and fungus grows more rapidly that is the main reason for odor and skin disorders .You may use powder in these areas, wear clean ironed clothes, wear minimum jewelry. Dry your hair by a hot air dryer, spray a little perfume just behind your ear lobes. If you are clean and neat you will become more confident.
Keep a smile always as smile on your face make you more confident, beautiful and charming. Do not speak loud, be soft, do not argue, do not chew gum in front of elders. Be sophisticated, show good manners. You will automatically feel good if you wear good. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water. Moisturize your skin daily with the good moisturizer. Use sunscreen when you have sun interaction that protect you from harsh sun rays. Remove facial hair by waxing and threading, get your eye brows in perfect shape. Nails should always be trimmed equal in size and same in shape, toe nails should also be like hand nails. Your dress and jewelry must be settled and balanced, it should not be loud to look funky, be decent and elegant. While wearing clothes be careful about your color and size. If your complexion is dark then wear light colors and if you have fair complexion wear dark colors . Wear white as everyone looks graceful in it. If you are obese avoid horizontal lines or large check pattern shirts or tops. If you are short heighted then use vertical lines. Match your shoes with your shirt avoid matching it with lower part. Don’t follow fashion blindly, just judge your own self ,examine what suits you more, what makes you feel easy, comfortable and confident, style is always within you as you born with it. So make your own style statement.
About Author; This is a guest post by a professional Doctor, interested in subjects like personality development and grooming.


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