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Tuesday, November 24

Major Effects of Social Media on Lifestyle Today

I am sure most of you are active users or atleast know about the big social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and Myspace etc. A large number of people around the world are now addicted to these social networks. Most people like to spend their time online sharing statuses, uploading pictures and videos, some use it to learn new things and many use it just for fun. In today's technologized world, majority of people have multiple devices and gadgets so they stay online on their social accounts from one device or the other through out the day.
Social Media Everywhere

Impact of Social Media On Lifestyle:

Positive Side of Social Media:

Although there are both positive and negative effects of social media, lets first talk about the positive effects, social media helps us to keep in touch with our friends, family and colleagues, where ever we go we can keep in contact with everyone, we can appreciate them, talk to them and participate in their life events through social media, that leaves a very good, feel good gesture and makes your presence felt. Secondly, social media is very useful regarding the search of important information, we can easily find useful pages, groups or boards etc and find the information we are looking for. It can be of great use for students, writers as well as a common man to find related information. If you are an online shopper, you can easily find product reviews, features and specifications that can help you decide which product to buy. Social media today is also influencing businesses today, from finding new customers to brand marketing, it has revolutionized how business marketing is done online. Even for individuals, you can buy, sell and trade through the targeted related groups/boards in many social networks. You can also find and make new friends from matching interest groups that can help you in your field of work too. You can also find all the exciting games, images, videos, networking and chatting on social media.

Negative Side of Social Media:

Now lets talk about the negative effects, the worst is the addiction of using these networks all the time, even without any legit reason. They just do not seem to stay away from the internet. This much use of these networks take you away from your real life interactions, make you lazy and lethargic due to less physical activity. It can develop communication gap between your immediate relations and family members, you may seem to loose quality time with your friends and family as face to face interaction reduce. As of today taking and uploading self pictures a.k.a selfies are very in, we see a race of pictures uploaded every now and then, also people compete for more and more likes and comments on their pictures that promotes self obsession that is not considered a positive trait in anyone's personality. On the other hand, social media seems to spread inferiority complexes, as people post pictures of their tours, travels, hoteling, dining, shopping and partying, this leaves negative effects on the minds of people who are not in a position to enjoy such things, making them think inferior about themselves. Moreover, in office or work place, social media are termed as weapons of mass distraction and this is somewhat true, especially, where 100% focus and concentration is required, Last but not the least the excess use of electronic devices and the radiations they emit is not healthy, so try to limit the exposure, follow the famous saying 'excess of everything is bad' and you will be fine. 

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