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Sunday, November 8

The Interval between High School and University is Useful or Not?

Interval in education

One year gap between high school and university is encouraged in many
countries to let the students explore the world and to take a break after a 
continuous study period and then take the vital decision of joining 
university .However, it may not be considered as helpful for students as 
they get off tracked this way.

Advantages of Interval:
There are various advantages in taking a year gap after high school and 
starting university studies. First of all, young people get a chance to take
time off from studies after a long hectic academic period including 
stressful routines and exams. They can relax, have fun, do the things
they always wanted to do in leisure time, develop hobbies and finally 
explore themselves by finding out things they like. Secondly this interval
can also be utilized to explore the world by visiting different cities
or countries. This way they can observe the places and people, get to know
the differences in the social parameters practically as a citizen rather than a 
teenage student who are totally dependent on family.
Thirdly, it provides them to focus on choice of their future, by analyzing the
social and family factors the students can better choose what could be the
best career field for them, so they can select the best university and 
study the relevant subjects, making them confident and clear about their future.
Some youngsters even start a job/internship to have work experience before 
university life, this is also a very creative idea and makes them to pick the 
best field of interest in university and in future career as a professional after 
completing their education.

Disadvantages of Interval:
Disadvantages of this gap are also inevitable. The first and foremost drawback
of this break is to get diverted from studies that can make it difficult for 
them to focus fully on studies after joining the university. They find 
this gap stress free with no work load of assignments, presentations and 
Second disadvantage may be to indulge in bad company while travelling 
out of city or country or generally falling for bad people in free time thinking 
that these people can be fun and helping.
Thirdly, those who start earning income from job, in this gap year, feel much
better and free than what they felt during education and finally may end up 
with the decision of no more studies. This decision may look better and 
relaxing to them for the moment but it can can really hurt them in the long run.


The time period between high school studies and university studies provide
chances to gain work experience or exploring the world but there are 
possibilities of getting themselves mislead and may develop bad habits
and destruct their future. So its one's own decision, i have listed both the 
pros and cons of the interval, one need to analyse and decide considering his
own situation and approach, what's best option for him. If you have any 
suggestions or tips or want to share your opinion on this topic, do post in
comments, thank you all.

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