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Monday, November 16

Things to Develop an Ideal Relationship

What Men and Women Think:

Women thinking, psychology and approach towards their partner and in a relationship can be confusing at times, sometimes it is very difficult to find out what she really wants, Women are known to be emotionally more hyper, they can suffer from mood swings quickly as compared to men. On the other hand, majority of men are a bit dry emotionally, they do not consider small things and emotional attachments of the women, creating some confusions, misunderstandings and conflicts.
Women think that men are demanding and complaining all the time, they support, love and cooperate with them but still they hear men complaining all the time like why do not you understand me, why cannot you take care of me and my things, why do not you make good food, why is it impossible to make you happy etc, at the same time, women think that they do not criticize men that much, they can also tease and taunt the same way but they do not do that but try their best to keep everything balanced. On the other hand, Men are found to be complaining about women criticizing them on all matters ranging from financial matters to family issues.
thinking women

Things that Harm a Relationship:

Although no one ever wants that their relationship with their partner gets harmed. However many small things can negatively impact even strong relationships. So always try to avoid negative things and stay positive. Now lets just discuss some of the negative things that are bad for the relationship;

  • Communication Gap: When the couple start keeping secrets, do not think necessary to share all matters with their partner, this attitude starts creating communication gaps, that is as bad as weakening and damaging your relationship in the long run.
  • Lack of Honor: When one or both partners start taking each other for granted, they do not respect and each other, this way they activate the negative vibes across the relationship and effects your relation very badly.
  • Rude Behavior: When two people are together, their behavior with each other is of primary importance, sometimes one or both partners start creating issues out of nothing and their behavior keeps on getting worsen without any solid reason, this attitude destroys a relationship.
  • Lack of Emotional and Intimate Attachment: This happens when one or both feel emotionally detached with each other in a relationship, they still feel alone even the desire of intimate love making is lacking. This shows the relationship is at the weakest point.
  • Lack of Understanding: When one or both of the partners start ignoring each other or stop making an effort to make each other happy and do not like to discuss important things also makes wrong statements to misguide or confuse the partner, this negative behavior is a relationship killer. 

Things to Develop Strong and Ideal Relationship:

Everyone wants an ideal, strong, loving and lifelong relationship, such relation is not that hard to achieve if we practice some basic relationship tips you can always have a happy relationship life. The basic thing to understand is the gender difference, men and women have different psychology, there is a difference in the way both think, so first of all give each other that space, understand and cooperate with each other. Never be over demanding, try to stay balanced in every aspect, in every matter and event. Share everything with each other, never let communication gaps to develop, trust and support each other, encourage small good things, give each other the confidence to excel and grow together, never let your partner feel alone, always be around your partner especially when needed. At the same time, do not develop extra ordinary expectations from each other, as expectations always hurt and mostly women get hurt this way. Always stay positive, clear, sincere, loyal and caring to your partner. Never let misunderstanding develop. By following these tips your relationship and life can become the one everyone wants, stay happy always and do share your views in comments.
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