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Thursday, December 31

Reality of Weight Loss Supplements - Facts Revealing Constituents

Supplements Used for Weight Loss:
Are you looking for weight loss supplements? There are a lot of supplements available in the market do not use any supplement unless proper research or prescribed by the doctor.
Always consult doctor before using any sort of supplements.  As FDA analyse many supplements and active agents that patient do not know about, their effects, use and side effects and whether they are suitable for all age groups and people already suffering from certain disorders or not.  So you must know what you are taking before you actually start to take these supplements. Secondly, obesity may also be due to stress conditions and stress eating, in that case improve your lifestyle and get rid of stress, also try to add regular exercise in your daily routine, in this way you can get rid of obesity and avoid any weight loss supplements and medicines. Sometimes obesity may be because of nutritional gap and deficiency of certain vitamins, minerals, nutrients or enzymes etc this type of obesity can be coped with the balanced and nutritious diet and various multi-vitamins that fulfill the nutritional gap and deficiencies.

The ingredients found in OTC (Over The Counter) supplements are;
Chromium picolinate:
Beta cells in the pancreas produce a hormone known as insulin which is responsible for metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in the body whereas chromium is a mineral that increase the action of insulin .
Chromium helps to;
        burn more calories
        decrease body fat
        decrease appetite
        boost muscle mass
Recent studies show that chromium is not very effective to control obesity. It has some side effects like
Chromium can also cause liver or kidney disorder, people suffering from liver or kidney disorder should avoid chromium.

Chitosan is used to block the absorption of cholesterol and fats, it is a type of sugar made from the outer layer of shrimps, crabs and lobsters etc. It does not have any adverse effects but in some people it may cause GIT disturbance.

Green and other Herbal Teas:
These are the mostly frequently used fat burner. Epigallocatachin gallate is responsible for fat burning, it is the very important component of green tea. It can stop the breakdown of norepinephrine, increase metabolism and hence the breakdown of fats.  

Supplements with Forskolin are used to increase the fat burning easily. The active agents go and act directly where the fats are stored. It activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase that may increase the fat deposition also may cause activation of another enzyme harmone sensitive lipase (HSL) which may increase lipolysis and hence fat breakdown.

Red pepper:
Red pepper is used to spice up your food also it may increase the metabolism. Red pepper consist of capsaicin which helps to reduce the body fat and decrease hunger.

Ginger is used to control inflammation, nausea and motion sickness. Overall it is very good for our health. It increases growth hormone and increases lipolysis resulting in fat and weight loss over few weeks time.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA):
It is effective for inflammation, dysfunction of vital organs, cardiovascular disorders, migraine, erectile dysfunction and breakdown of accumulated fats.

Lrvingia ( African mango):
It is not like ordinary mango available in the market. It is very effective for weight loss. If you opt for African mangoes then you should use the best quality brand available as it will give better results.

Apple cider vinegar:
It is used to relieve heart burn, stomach disturbances and acid reflux, it regulates pH balance in the body, helps in reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels in diabetes. It is also associated with fat breakdown and weight loss.

Beta glucan:
Beta glucan can increase the fiber intake that increases metabolism and aides the digestive system. It is soluble so it remains undigested. These agents are cheap in price and very effective for our immune system.

B Vitamins:
B vitamins are very effective as they boost the energy levels in our body, increase metabolism and help to loose body weight.

These are the seeds that are rich in omega 3. When incorporated in daily diet, it improves metabolism and digestion, it may also contain alpha linoleic acid an essential fatty acid.

Egg, cauliflower, lean meat are the sources of choline .It is also very useful for memory and metabolism.

Coconut oil:
It contains large amount of saturated fats. It has very healthy for general health, it is full of anti-oxidants and is very light in cooking, it is full of good cholesterol also lowers the bad cholesterol so it is useful for weight loss.
Coconut Oil

As we all know iodine is necessary for proper functioning of thyroid hormones, if you suffer from any thyroid problems then it will not be easy for you to loose weight.

Omega 3:
Omega 3 is a protein very important for our body as it possess anti inflammatory properties, it is very good for our skin, it also increases metabolism. It is found in fish and dry fruits etc.

Raspberry ketones:
Raspberries are anti-oxidant rich fruits full of vitamins and energy boosters. Raspberries are not just good tasting fruits they also help to break down the fats.

It is red wine, in many countries it is used for reducing the body fat, it also helps to manage bad cholesterol.

Senna Plant:
Senna Plant Leaves have laxative properties it is effectively used for indigestion and also increase the rate of metabolism but we can not use it for a long period of time as it causes diarrhea.

Vitamin C,D and E:
All these vitamins are important for general health and functioning of vital organs, they act by preventing cell damage from oxidation of cells. All these antioxidants improve the immune system in the body and last but not the least they boost metabolism and weight loss.

As we are discussing vitamins used to manage dietary deficiencies, nutritional gap or for weight loss . we can not skip or miss zinc here. Zinc can not be ignored or dis associated from weight loss as it is very helpful for producing and maintaining thyroid hormones.


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