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Tuesday, January 19

5 Dietary and Lifestyle Changes to Control High Blood Pressure - Do Apply

Hypertension Overview:
Poor diet and lifestyle along with irregular sleep time, huge work stress and targets, financial stress, junk diet and no exercise are some of the reasons that high blood pressure or Hypertension has become so common today. High Blood pressure can damage hearth health that can lead to all kinds of  complex health problems. It is also called silent killer as it can result in sudden death due to heart failure if left un-controlled. Normal Blood Pressure is below 120/80, so if you think you have lifestyle or dietary irregularities, like we discussed at the start, you need to monitor your blood pressure regularly and if you find it to be constantly above the normal value, you need to be alert and take action to control it. Although there are many many anti-hypertensive drugs and medications available in the market, but if you are not very old and your blood pressure is not very high above normal, it is rated as pre-hypertension or even stage 1 hypertension you can control it easily by some simple and natural changes that we will discuss below;

1) Regular Physical Activity/Sports or Exercise:
One reason that results in high blood pressure is in-adequate physical activity, the machine and motor lifestyle is the cause of chronic disorders like hypertension, diabetes etc. Regular walk or jogging for 20-30 minutes atleast 5 days every week will ensure better blood flow through out the body, reduce the work stress and refresh you. The nitric oxide produced as a result of jogging results in vasodilation that results in relaxation of the arteries and hence lowers blood pressure. You can also play your favorite outdoor game like cricket, basketball, tennis, football etc and also try to do your small everyday things with your own hands rather depending on other people, these small changes will make you physically more active, more fit and will result in controlled blood pressure.

2) Yoga:
Yoga is an excellent calming, relaxing and meditating form of exercise. It is as easy as taking 3-5 deep breaths while focusing on the breathing process only and in forgetting everything else that can cause tension or stress. This is a great way to get rid of stress. Another way is take long steps for few minutes and focus on your body movements, there are many more kinds of yoga, these are the basic and most simple one's that i shared, believe me yoga will make you feel relaxed, relieved and refreshed.

3) Foods That can Help:
First of all, if you you want to control high blood pressure and related problems like atherosclerosis, heart failure, angina etc you need to avoid junk foods along with fried, oily, spicy and processed foods. Eating sugar rich foods, cakes, sweets, soft drinks and alcohol should be stopped.
Regularly eat fresh fruits, vegetables or salad everyday. When we talk about fruits berries are found to be very effective in lowering high blood pressure, so add easily available strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in your diet. Like wise water melon can relax the vascular pressure due to the constituents like L-citrulline. Bananas are potassium rich fruits, great for hypertensive people. Cucumbers also help to reduce the circulatory stress. Kidney beans are a rich source of potassium and magnesium that balance the sodium and help regulate the B.P. 
Moreover, taking Celery and beet root juice have been widely used to reduce the high blood pressure world wide, they are effective and better than pills.
Dark Chocolate with more than 65% cocoa contents can be taken in small quantity, it boosts energy levels, improves circulation and heart health.

4) Recommended Meat to Eat:
When you are hypertensive try to avoid red meat, do not eat meat full of fats or oil, try to take lean, low fat meat always, chicken and fish are the best form of meat to consume, they are ideal because they are low in fats, urea and high in protein and vitamins. Lastly, avoid organ meat as they are high in urea, cholesterol and fats.

5) Lifestyle and Self Improvement:
Try to reduce your stress, the work load and depression. Improve your social and public circle. Spend more and more time with people that make you happy, do the things you like. Adopt a creative hobby. Be positive, spread love and smiles.

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