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Thursday, February 18

Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

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The use of cosmetics range back to thousands of years, it is a very big topic so i will try to share as much as possible here, basically cosmetics are the substances that can improve the physical looks or odor of body. The history of cosmetics use goes back to 4000 BC. The word Cosmetics was derived from the Greek language where it meant 'technique of  dressing and ornaments'. The most commonly used example of cosmetics include lipsticks/lip gloss, millions of tonnes of lipsticks are consumed every year. The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has also defined and categorized cosmetics as the superficial, beautifying or cleansing products that do not cause any change in structure of skin or body. Cosmeceuticals is a term used to describe hybrid products, that improve appearance and also prove to be good for skin or body by imparting drug like effects. So its a cosmetics and drugs at the same time.

Major Purposes to Use Cosmetics:
Top 3 Purposes to use cosmetics are;
  • To improve the appearance and impression of physical personality.
  • To cover the spots, scars, damages or flaws on the skin.
  • To enhance the natural features and looks.
For skin care specialists, doctors and dermatologists the purposes of using cosmetics and cosmeceuticals are more targeted and they prescribe them according to following target groups;
  • Basic skin care cosmetics like moisturizing, hydrating and cleansing agents.
  • Face care cosmetics like lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, facial base and foundations.
  • Hair care cosmetics like shampoos, hair growth and re-growth products.
  • Nail care cosmetics like varnishes, polishers, removers.
  • Fragrant Products like perfumes, deodorants, after shaves.
  • UV Light Blockers like sun screening lotions.
Top 2 Types of Cosmetics:
  1. Ornamental/Decorative Cosmetics: These are basically colored products aimed to enhance the appearance, making face features look more bold and outlined, these type of cosmetics are commonly called as makeup and are vastly used regularly by ladies worldwide to look more attractive and beautiful. 
  2. Care Cosmetics: These are the skin care cosmetics aimed to protect, improve and recover different skin issues. these include skin moisturizers, skin lighteners, skin tanning lotions, sun screens and the products used to treat or hide acne, wrinkles, dark circles etc.
Cosmetic Industry Today:
It is one of the most profitable business, now with the new skin care and cosmeceutical range, this business is boosting sales and growth every year. People becoming more and more conscious about their appearance has also helped in the growth of cosmetic industry, other factors include TV and media that is spreading more and more awareness and tips about how to use and consume cosmetics to look better. Cosmetic industry has grown into a very big sector, especially USA, France, Italy, Germany and Japan are the leaders for producing top quality cosmetic brands. This business has grown to a turnover of around 200 billion dollars  per year and still growing.

Ingredients Used in Cosmetics:
Cosmetics usually contain carbohydrates, glycol, peptides, fatty acids, mica, talc, tocopherols, stabilizers, surfactants, vitamins, minerals, binders, trace elements, coloring agents, chemicals and preservatives like parabens. Products that aim to treat some skin condition may contain cortico-steroids, anti-fungal or antibiotics. The compositions depends upon the type and purpose of the final product and may vary in different products.

Adverse Effects of Cosmetics:
Usually the composition and constituents of cosmetics are not so potent to cause any side or adverse effects, however, some people may face irritation and some may get allergy or allergic dermatitis due to use of the cosmetics or from a specific constituent of the cosmetic. As cosmetics are used only superficially, the irritation or allergy can be avoided by rinsing the product by water and then find alternative of the product that does not cause such adverse effects.

Top 5 Global Cosmetic Brands:
Founded in 1907, registered in France, it is the worlds biggest cosmetic and self care company started by a chemist Eugene. It produces more than 500 skin, beauty and hair care products now. Its products range from hair colors, skin care, sun blockers, perfumes and advanced beauty care products. Nestle has acquired fair bit of shares and also the voting rights of Loreal.
An American top brand in beauty, skin care, self care and perfumes. It is the biggest brand with reasonable price, It is available in most of the countries worldwide. Revlon sold its sub-company Clean & Clear to Johnson & Johnson.
It is the biggest cosmetic brand based in Asia, South Korea to be precise, it produces wide range of cosmetic and skin care products and holds a good name in the market due to the variety, quality and affordable pricing of its products.
It has grown very big and has achieved the level of second largest seller of cosmetic products. The big sales were boosted by using unique and new marketing methods like door to door selling and direct selling .
It is a brand that does not target only elite or specific class, it has product range and varieties for all classes of the society. MAC stands for makeup art cosmetics. It is famous for its quality products with catering the needs of all kinds of customers.
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