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Tuesday, October 11

Why Regular Exercise is Necessary - Read the Facts

In today's technologically advanced and electronic era physical activity has reduced significantly, lifestyles have changed dramatically, we have machines and gadgets to perform most of our work now, we can move from one place to other in fast moving bikes, cars, buses, trains etc. Everything is directly influenced by technology, although technology advancement has many benefits and saves time and money but at the same time it is exerting negative and damaging effects on human health, reduced physical activities is itself a threat to human health.

Health Risks due to Physical Inactivity;
Poor lifestyle with sitting all day long or laying on couch, also the nature of jobs today have mostly become more of just sitting and doing the work on laptops, hence resulting in no proper physical movements, this lifestyle negatively effects the health condition of the person and can lead to sudden death as physical inactivity increases the risk of  heart diseases and failure, stroke or paralysis, high cholesterol levels in the blood, obesity, diabetes etc to name a few. Also the poor sitting posture results in slow blood circulation that may increase degeneration of joints and can also slowly and silently damage vital organs. This can also result in poor blood supply to brain, weak immunity, allergies and impotence. Due to poor circulation the suffering person will feel weakness, fatigue and low energy levels in the body, so its a wake up call and alert from me to try to change your lifestyle and become active, if you want to stay healthy and fit for many many years and want to avoid early death.

How to Avoid Health Risks due to Physical Inactivity;
If you are a lazy person or you have a job nature that binds you to sit for all day long there is a solution, all you have to do is take some break every hour for may be 5 minutes, stand up from the seat, move around, stretch a bit, take a few deep breaths and then resume your work.
Secondly, after you are back you need to walk for at least 20-30 minutes daily for at least 5 days a week regularly to avoid the risks of physical inactivity and stay healthy. Some researchers have emphasized to exercise for at least one hour daily, so you can choose between walk, jogging, cardio or some sports. The more intense the physical activity the less time it will require to boost you up, increase your blood circulation to all parts and organs of the body and give you positive energy. Running or jogging for 10-15 minutes daily exerts amazing effects, these natural vasodilating effects are superior than even some anti-hypertensive and cardiac drugs, so you know you can achieve it all naturally but you have to give some time to yourself and your health and it is not much.
Not just that Exercising regularly will improve your immune system, you will be more protected from the seasonal flu and allergies, your heart health, stamina and energy will increase, you will also get rid of excessive body fats and bloated belly, control diabetes and reduce high cholesterol, so now you should know all the benefits and apply exercise to your daily routines.  You will enjoy active lifestyle once you start doing regularly. I hope you will not make any excuse about your busy schedules and no time, average person in the world watches T.V for 3-5 hours everyday, so you can easily spare some time for workout by reducing that. I wish all the readers of my blog best of health, wealth and success, have a great day!

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