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Tuesday, January 31

Why Vitamin D is Important for Health and Wellness

Vitamin D is the rare vitamin available in foods. This is the only vitamin that body prepares itself with the help of sun rays, due to this property it is also known as sunshine vitamin.
Sun Bath to produce Vit D

Some Natural Sources of Vit. D;
Sunshine is the most common source of vitamin D, sun rays stimulate the body's internal process to initiate the production of Vitamin D.
Beef liver
Egg yolk
fish like salmon , mackerel , tuna etc
Milk and dairy products.
Some green leafy vegetables whose primary source of energy is sun light, also contain notable amounts of Vitamin D.

How to cope with the deficiency of vitamin D?
Sun rays exposure for 20-30 minutes is the easiest way to fulfill the deficiency but there is also the risk of skin cancer, so be careful and get moderate exposure to sun rays especially in burning summers.
We can not ignore the deficiency of vitamin D as it is fat soluble having family of D1, D2 ,D3.
2000 genes of the body can be affected by the deficiency of vitamin D .
Vitamin D improves the progress of the immune system of the body and assist in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium. 
To overcome the deficiency take Vitamin D supplements regularly for few months or get a vial of Vit D injected every 6 months to maintain healthy levels of this vitamin. If the deficiency is minor it can be cured by adopting healthy lifestyle and diet composed of milk, eggs, fish and cereals etc. Staying active and doing regularly exercising also helps.

Deficiency of Vitamin D:
Deficiency of vitamin D causes bones and teeth disorder such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis.
One of the most important benefit of vitamin D is that it is useful against different diseases such as heart disease, sclerosis, fights against the flu. Vitamin D is also useful in management of mood swings, stress and depression.
Vitamin D is also helpful in loosing weight. The person on diet can take the supplements of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause bones abnormality, pelvic disorder, pain, aches, muscle pain, sense of weakness .
Deficiency of vitamin D may also cause:
Dementia, that is the mental disorder associated with deficiency of vitamin D.
Schizophrenia is also associated with brain it change the behavior attitude .
Erectile dysfunction is the sexual disorder of male linked with deficiency of vitamin D.
Rickets is the disorder of bones abnormality due to impaired metabolism of vitamin D and calcium absorption.
Heart disease researchers highlight that 72% of the people go for angiography of the arteries linked with the deficiency of vitamin D.
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in males diagnosed at the age of above 60 due to decrease in vitamin D levels.

Diagnosis of vitamin D Deficiency:
Simple blood test is helpful for detecting deficiency of vitamin D.
X rays is performed to detect the bone abnormality.

2000 IU (International Units) per day is adequate amount of vitamin D to take regularly. It is usually available as a supplement with calcium in the form of chewable tablets, also available as injectible and edible fluid.

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