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Sunday, February 5

Pomegrantes - The Healthy Super Fruit

Pomegranate: The Wonder Fruit of the Nature.

Among all other fruits on earth pomegranate is the richest fruit that contain essential minerals, vitamins and fiber.
Many researches prove that pomegranates have plenty of benefits for our body and they defend our body from number of diseases.
Punica granatum,is a shrub that produce a fruit called as berry.
The fruit produce by Punica granatum, has a flower shaped stem round red in colour. Hundreds of seeds inside pomegranate is called ARILS.
Single cup of seed inside pomegranate (arils) contain (174 grams) of nutrients.
Protein: 3 grams.
Fiber: 7 grams.
Vitamin K: 36% of the RDA.
Potassium: 12% of the RDA.
Vitamin C: 30% of the RDA.
Folate: 16% of the RDA.

      Single cup of arils contain 144 gram of calories24 gram of sugar.                                               
      Arils contain medicinal compound that have many health benefits.
Punicic Acid:-
Punicic acid is the main fatty acid in the pomegranate it is conjugated linoleic acid have many biological properties.


These are very strong antioxidants present in peel of pomegranate and juice of arils. it has three times more strong antioxidant property than green tea and red wine.


Top Health and Medicinal Benefits of Pomegranates and its Juice:
It helps in Improving exercise performance and improves memory.
Pomegranates help in fighting against prostate and breast cancer, pomegranate juice helps to eliminate the free radicals from our body. Drinking pomegranate juice regularly helps in reducing the growth of cancerous cells. It has anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to reduce the risk of arthritis.
It helps to reduce hair fall as it strengthens the hair follicles.It helps to fight against fungal and bacterial infection, pomegranate has anti microbial effects that fight against microbial infection.

Anti-oxidant properties: As pomegranates have plenty of anti oxidant properties so they are very useful for hair and skin too. It helps to make your skin glow and feel fresh. Pomegranate juice contain 40% of folic acid and vitamin A,C,E.

Helps to reduce heart disease: pomegranate juice contain omega-5 which help to reduce atherosclerosis which is the main cause of heart failure. Pomegranates help to keep arteries flexible and also to make blood flow towards heart smooth and easy.It lowers the LDL, cholesterol and risk of blockage in the arteries. It has anti-artherogenic effect on heart. It Helps in controlling high blood pressure. Pomegranate juice act as natural aspirin, it reduce the lesion and keep the blood away from coagulation and blood clot. It act as blood thinner.

It helps in reducing blood sugar levels. It is the only fruit juice that contains fructose which helps to reduce sugar level. Diabetic patients are suggested to drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily for 2 weeks that will help them to keep sugar level normal.

It is helpful in treating anemia, as it contain folic acid which is very useful to treat anemia.

It boosts immunity, as it has a strong anti oxidative property so it helps to boost your immunity.

It is helpful in digestion as it is rich in fiber and increases the metabolism of our body.

Pomegranate juice is helpful in treating erectile dysfunction, as it increases blood flow to the genitals and improves overall blood supply to the organs.

When to be careful in taking Pomegranate juice?
Avoid Pomegranate juice in cold, cough and sore throat. Also in gastrointestinal disorders like constipation and diarrhea as it can worsen the symptoms.

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