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Saturday, February 11

Top 5 Android Video Games for Smartphones and Tablets

The Google Play Store is full of Android video games, however, not all are worth downloading and playing. For this reason, we have rounded up a number of the pleasant Android video games for your phone or tablet. Top five games with best quality graphics and fun are listed below:

Hearthstone Heroes of War craft: 

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft flew directly to the scene in 2014 and it’s been one of the exceptional Android video games ever seen. It’s idea or theme is much like other games like Pokémon or Magic: The Game revolves around tasks like gathering cards, constructing decks and the fight of different players with the use of the one's decks. There are a few offline additives but the game is pretty much online. You can also engage with cloud gaming via web. A good feature is that you can play the game on your PC or cell phone interchangeably and save the game progress at any time.

Pokémon Go: 

Pokémon Go exploded onto the mobile gaming scene in July 2016 and immediately has become one of the best Android games ever. It’s an augmented truth sport similar to Ingress in which you stroll around the actual world, catch Pokémon, battle for Gyms and hit up Poke stops to restock on items. It has really beaten every document inside the gaming books in a surprisingly short time. The game has had a lot of server issues and they are still tinkering and facing them, work is ongoing to resolve the server issues with various mechanics, however, if you can get pass that, that is a unique game.
Pokemon Game

The Trail: 

The Trail is an exploration and boom simulator from 22 places. In this recreation game, gamers will tour a rugged, undeveloped country and explore it. Searching for an area to call home that they are able to help build after which use that as a base of operations to maintain their ongoing adventure. The Trail, Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you thrive in the route of your travels.
Trail Game

Rock star Games: 

Rock Games; is a gaming company that has a reasonably respectable choice of video games. Some of them are ports and others are made-for-cellular titles. On the port aspect of things, you've got classic video games like Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Topping that off is Bully, an open world adventure game that revolves around college pupil. They additionally have Max Payne Mobile, GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Chinatown Wars. Rock big name has constantly had a great recognition for growing a quality graph, opening international games and that holds actual on cell phones nicely too. With a gamepad, the ports particularly shine.
Grand Theft Auto


Soulcalibur is one of the extra recognizable and popular preventing franchises on consoles. The authentic title has been ported to Android with extraordinary success. It carries progressed graphics from the unique, Google Play Games services (achievements and chief boards) and diverse sport modes such as time assault, survival, arcade and the excessively tough greater survival. The on-screen controls and paintings are noticeably well and all of it adds as much as arguably the pleasant preventing sport, now enjoy it on cell phones. The charge is a bit steep however there are no in-app purchases.
Android game

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