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Wednesday, April 19

11 Everyday Tips to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

How to kick stress and anxiety out of your life?

In today’s world, the rat race to stay ahead of the game has burgeoned to an overwhelming degree. So much so we have got caught up in an endless cycle of work, work and well, more work. We are not robots so it is natural to fall in stress and anxiety due to such unbalanced life. There are many causes of stress; it can just be an exam, an interview waiting for you, or some family, financial and social issues. Such attacks of anxiety and stress filled me too during medical entry test examination but I learned to fight it. I’m passing the same knowledge to you because I understand how important it is to pull oneself out of this rut. Such scenarios can be destructive physically as well as mentally so, we need to fight them. I compiled a list of coping techniques and placed them in my study to help me through the tough times. I assure you these are going to be worth your efforts because, for me, these always work.
Relaxing Girl

1) Learn to stay calm
Take deep breaths for 10-20 seconds when you come across any unlikely situation. Tell yourself that, “everything’s going to be ok soon” no matter what the situation is. Accept things and keep it in mind that no loss is bigger until you learn from it.

2) Today and Now
Think of today, focus on the present. The past is gone, you can’t do anything about it. It’s over and it’s not coming back. No use of wallowing in the gutter of regret.  Future worries will only intensify the situation. Realize it! Try to adopt the living-in-the-moment attitude and work on the skills you are better in. the first step to getting ahead is getting started.

3) Exercise daily
Exercise daily for at least 20-30 minutes. It will make you look better and live better. When we exercise, our body release a happy hormone known as “Endorphin” which gave a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

4) Look what you eat
Keep caffeine, sugars and fat intake to a minimum. Avoid eating fried food. Learn self-control and eat a well-balanced diet.

5) Find your motivation
Look for a motivation and keep it in front of your eyes. Motivation can be anything, a person, a dream or even a quotation. Find the thing that motivates you and hold on tight.

6) Smile and Laugh more
Every person deserves to be happy so do you. Avoid using social networking applications as they only result in even more disappointment. Spend some quality time with your family and friends and give yourself a break. Spread smile, everywhere you go. You’ll feel good. Life is what you make it.

7) Manage your routine
Wake up early. Make a schedule and manage your time effectively. Prioritize things and tasks accordingly.

8) Keep a gratitude attitude
Sit back, relax and think about all the good things you have in your life. Be grateful for these things. Stop taking things for granted. Smile because you are living a life better than others. Look around you; you’ll be surprised how lucky you are.

9) Swallow your anger and bad thoughts
Acceptance is a key to coping anxiety and stress. Start accepting things you can’t change. Stop thinking negative, it won’t get you anywhere. Practice anger management. When you get angry, change your posture. Sit, if you are standing and lie down if you are sitting. It helps a lot. Don’t vent your anger on others, take the high road.
Relieve Stress

10) Adopt a Hobby
Just involve in something that you like to do and make it your hobby, then regularly give some time daily to your hobby, the hobby can be anything from sports to pet keeping and plantation to jogging, believe me, this is a very effective stress buster technique.

11) Never Give up

Last but not the least, do your best and leave the rest. You can’t win them all, people. You can only give your 100%, the rest isn’t in your hands. Kill that fear of failure residing within you that don’t let you compete. Effort is all that matters. If you change your perspective to look at your problems and take them as challenges, believe me, you can achieve anything. Attitude is everything so develop an optimistic approach to look at things because it’s your choice to decide where and how to end up.


  1. it, including meditation tips, a self-care diary and breathing techniques. I am yet to start reading this (thanks to endless amounts of uni work) but from what I've heard, it sounds like it's going to help me a lot! Best Blogs for Anxiety Help

  2. The less fear we have of those symptoms, the less control anxiety has over us. Only active practice will desensitize our nervous system.

  3. To reduce my work stress these techniques and stress dietary supplements helps me lot. So, thanks for sharing these basic and natural tips.


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