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Tuesday, May 30

Freedom or Discipline - What is important in Child’s life?

Raising a child is actually building up a generation so one has to be alert and careful towards this duty. Despite following the guidelines and principles, one should learn about the psyche of children.
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No doubt, discipline is essential, but too much discipline can be toxic to your child. I think freedom of a child is taken away at the very moment in the hospital when the nurse wraps newly born in the blanket. When he just want to feel his body, he’s packed. And beyond that point, he’s continuously asked to obey the orders by his parents (behave in front of guests, be well dressed, don’t make noise, don’t play, don’t touch this and that, bla bla). It’s a common observation if you ask your child to stop doing something, he will rush to do the same thing in his curiosity. I’m not saying that stop disciplining your child but there are many better ways to teach and discipline him, other than snatching his freedom away. Let’s say if your child wants to touch a hot cup of tea, and you are warning him not to do so, but he isn’t following you. Besides, give him the freedom to touch that hot cup once. I ensure you, he’ll not do it ever again. Parents, in their efforts to make him presentable to the society, kill a creative mind within.

I think discipline is often misunderstood in our society. Imposing your orders and taking the control of someone’s mind does not account in disciplining a child. Our schools and institutes have a very important practice of “punishing” a child, punishing him for the thing, we as the parents and mentors could not build in him. I mean seriously??
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Just imagine a school without rules and regulations, why would someone get punished in such scenario? Children often report to break glasses and furniture in schools. Ask them once to break it all. When they won’t be accounted for punishment in such cases they won’t do it ever again. It’s a child psyche. As parents and mentors, we should learn to act and understand their psyche so that our children won’t get into split personality disorders. Parents often could not build an equilibrium between freedom and discipline while parenting. Some, emphasising on discipline, take away the freedom of their children and others focusing on freedom, spoil their off springs. In order to provide a well-balanced life to our children, we have to keep it in mind, that freedom is equally important as discipline. Freedom can boost self-confidence in children, it makes them feel comfortable in dealing with life issues, it grooms their personality making them better citizens and better professionals with distinguished careers and successful ventures. If we have a look at world’s top businessmen we will come to know that they started from scratch and kept doing what they loved, their passion and freedom of doing what they want to be made them business tycoons, just imagine if someone scolded or stopped them in their beginning they could also have suffered all their lives. This teaches us the importance of being decisive and passionate about our own lives freely. To conclude I would say keep the children flourishing in a positive atmosphere, give them their identity and space they will come out to be shiny stars.

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