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Wednesday, July 5

15 Top Foods Recommended for Pregnant Women

The duration of nine months of pregnancy is the most sensitive period for a girl. As she is carrying a baby linked to her, so she has to be very careful about selecting the diet plan. There are a lot of myths about foods that should be taken during pregnancy.
Here are some pieces of advice by nutritionists about foods that are helpful for ladies to make their pregnancy time easier.
Balanced Diet for Women

1- Eggs:
It is amazing to know that an egg contains about 90 calories, lots of protein, more than 12 minerals and vitamins. They also contain omega 3 that is good for vision and brain development. Eggs are full of Choline which is helpful for overall baby growth and brain development. Some people do not consider it good for health as it is full of cholesterol but they should know that it contains low saturated fat. Healthy women must take one or two eggs on the regular basis.

2- Fortified cereal breakfast:
As Folate is important for first few weeks of pregnancy but the requirement of vitamin b-12 is necessary for the complete period of 9 months. Gynecologists recommend having 400mg of vitamin supplements for about 9 months. So breakfast cereal is the easiest way in spite of taking any medical supplements. Many brands have launched cereal containing 400mg vitamin b-12 per bowl.

3- Beans:
Every woman during pregnancy needs 10 extra grams of protein per day. Peas, red beans, lentils, navy beans there are so many options available in beans as it is full of fiber and protein. Fiber is most important during pregnancy because during this period your gastrointestinal tract slows down which cause constipation and hemorrhoids. Fiber helps you to prevent this situation.

4- Broccoli:
Broccoli is full of disease fighting antioxidants and fiber. It also contains high amount of vitamin C. So this green vegetable helps your body to absorb iron when taken with iron rich foods.

5- Walnuts:
It is full of protein and fiber. It contains plant based omega-3. Plant-based omega-3 although not very useful for the baby but still, they are healthy for both of you.

6- Green leafy vegetables:
Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, swish chard are fully loaded with nutrients, minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K etc. These vegetables are very useful for promoting baby’s growth.

7- Yogurt:
Every mother wants to full fill all the requirements necessary for the growth and development of baby. Calcium is the most important component for the growth and development of the baby as calcium is the basic requirement for the development of bones and Skeleton.
Diet Chart for Pregnant Girls

8- Color fruits and vegetables:
Red, green, orange, yellow all colored fruits and vegetables are good for the health of baby and mother as they help to ensure that your baby get variety of nutrients, as different colors provide you with different nutrients. In the last period of pregnancy your baby through amniotic fluid tastes the fluid you eat. So if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables it will help your baby to accept these flavors later on.

9- Meat:
Meat is full of protein and essential nutrients while taking meat do make sure that 95-98% of fat must be removed, meat must be fat-free. Do not eat hot dogs or other preserved types of meat as there is a small chance of passing parasites and bacteria that you will not want at this stage.

10- Whole grains:
Whole grains are considered very important in pregnancy as they are full of fiber, vitamin E, selenium, nutrients, phytonutrients etc. Oatmeal and barley is also the form of whole grain. Popcorns and quinoa are the most famous whole grains available.

11- Sweet potatoes:
The Orange color of sweet potatoes come from carotenoids, it is converted to vitamin A in our body. Consuming high amounts of preformed vitamin A is harmful although carotenoids are different as they are converted to vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are easily available and cheap. They are full of fiber, nutrients and folate.

12- Bananas:
Bananas are the best source of energy, calcium and potassium that help to get rid of pregnancy fatigue. Bananas are also stomach friendly and are easily digested.

13- Cheese:
Cheese is full of protein. Mozzarella and cheddar cheese are the best source to fulfill the requirements of calcium.

14- Oranges:
Oranges contain 90% of fluid and are full of vitamin C. They help to complete the requirement of fluid in the body.

15- Soy-food:

Soy foods are full of proteins. If you are vegetarian and you cannot eat meat then you can fulfill the requirement of protein with the help of soyfoods. 

Balanced Pregnancy Foods

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