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Thursday, January 9

The 5 Best Wedding Gifts for the Bride & Groom in 2020

One of the pressures that come with attending a wedding is finding the perfect gift for the couple. It becomes especially hard if the couple is without a registry. You might default to writing a check instead to cut off the stress. 

Before you sign that check, take the time to look at this great wedding gift ideas to get you started.

1. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

Soon after the wedding comes the honeymoon. This leather bag is the perfect gift during their travel.
The bag is made from 100% genuine cow leather and handcrafted to make a statement. 

The bag is well designed for the groom. Let the groom know you had him in mind when buying the gift
by personalizing it. You can have his initials or date of the wedding engraved on the bag for a more
personal touch. 

Get the bag from Michael Hendricks Store.

2. Mr. “Right” and Mrs. “Always Right Glassware Set

This set of beer and wine glass comes with a humorous message. It reminds the groom that he could
be right, but his bride is always right despite having a different opinion. However, only chose this gift if
the couple has a sense of humor, or the gift won’t be received well. 

The set is made from solid glass and comes with unique detailing. The beer glass has a mustache decal
and top hat, while the wine glass features a kissing lip silhouette. The stemless wine glass holds 17 ounces,
and the beer one is 16 ounces big.  

This is the perfect gift to make the couple enjoy their dinner time together, reminding them of their big day.

You can get this gift from the Plympton Company on Amazon.

3. Monogram Key Holder Decorative Plaque

Add a personal touch to your wedding gift with a monogram key holder plaque. Choose a plaque that serves
a functional and decorative purpose. It’ll not only help the couple have their keys within reach but also always
remind them of their wedding day. 

The keyholder plaques come custom-painted for you. If you want more color than just brown, black, or white,
the vendor will give your color of choice. They’re also available in two different sizes and a variety of styles. 

You can get the plaques from ArtLery stores.

4. DeskCandy Marble and Wood Engraved Cheese Board

A cheeseboard may appear like just any other gift until you personalize it. This particular marble and
wood-engraved one is customizable to suit the lifestyle of the couple. The couple will be reminded of their
special day every moment they spend in the kitchen.

The gift is both useful and beautiful. Choose from among the seven font styles. They range from boho to classy,
giving you several options to choose from. 

You can never miss something that best suits your friends’ lifestyle. 

Trust the piece to last long through the marriage. The materials are sturdy, weighing 4.5 pounds and measuring a
good size. The genuine leather hook adds a touch of beauty to the board. 

The high level of craftsmanship and the artistic attention to detail makes this an “outside the box” gift.  

You can get it from Utopia Kitchen.

5. Anova Culinary Sous Vide

This gift is best for home chefs and food lovers. It’s one of those items a couple may never buy but ends up
becoming indispensable once they have it. As a kitchen gadget, it goes a long way to make your time in the
kitchen easier. 

The sous vide system is best for cooking seafood, meat, and vegetables in a temperature-controlled environment.
It works through a program that’s commanded through Bluetooth on the phone. This gives the user the freedom to
let the food cook on its own. 

The timer allows temperatures as high as 200°F for as long as 99 hours to restaurant-level quality. Its cooking method
is almost impossible to achieve with other methods of cooking. 

Buy the gift from Amazon.

Final Thoughts

When you want to buy a wedding gift for a friend, strive to get the best. As the wedding industry evolves,
so are the items that qualify as wedding gifts. Before you give up on finding a suitable gift, consider the options
highlighted above. 

Personalize the gift to let the couple know you had them in mind. There’s no better way to express your good thoughts
for a happy and fulfilling marriage. 

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