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Thursday, April 2

Top 3 Ways to Improve the Immune System to Fight Corona Virus and Other Infections or Diseases

Corona Virus has taken the world by storm and things are not the same anymore, the world seems to be in panic mode and the sad part is there is literally no cure/ medicine or vaccine available for this viral infection as of yet but the good and hopeful thing is that there are many drugs and vaccine already under trial and I am sure soon we will get a cure for this viral infection.
In recent times, I have been contacted and asked about the situation and how to stay safe and avoid this viral infection and in case of the detection of COVID-19 what should one do for fast recovery?
As we all know that as of now there is no official cure available for coronavirus so what we can do to avoid the infection is that we should take all precautionary measures as outlined by WHO I will briefly outline them here again so that people remember these guidelines because these are vital to avoid any kind of contagious diseases or infections.

a) Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer especially after coming back to your place or every time you suspect of touching or holding anything at an unsafe place.
b) Use quality face masks preferably N95 quality that has the capability to stop viruses entering through.
c) Maintain a safe distance from other people of at least 3 to 6 feet even if you need to go to some busy place.
d) Try social distancing where you should avoid all social events where you expect more than 5 people at a place, try to stay at home until the virus is controlled and the government announces it.
e) Maintain personal hygiene.
f) Try to cook the food thoroughly especially the meat after properly cleaning them, never eat half cooked or half-done meat and reheat the stored food well enough every time.

After following and practicing all these general precautions we should move towards personal guidelines where we can stay fit, healthy both physically, mentally and internally so that we are ready to fight against any disease or infection and this can not be achieved without a healthy and active immune system, which is literally your body's own defense system where it fights with external microbes and viruses effectively, we should support our immune system with ways I will describe below so that it is activated to keep us strong even if we contact the infection and we can ensure a quick recovery. I will discuss 3 core areas to boost our immune system against these infections.

1) Diet
a) General Super Foods
To boost our immune system we should regulate our diet and include some superfoods with antioxidants to our diet that reduce the internal body cells deteriorations and also reduce oxidative stress, as a result, save us from damage caused by free radicals, these include Ginger, Garlic, Yogurt, Green Tea, Spinach, Eggs, Honey and Almonds.
b) Proteins
Secondly, we should give special emphasis to quality proteins and should add lean meats and fat-free dairy milk to our diet regularly because basic components or weapons of the immune system are the antibodies that are made up of proteins that is why we should provide ample supply of proteins to the body.
c) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
These should be part of our daily diet in all circumstances because the components of fruits and vegetables fight against cell damage and their alkaline nature also regulates and neutralizes the acidic levels of blood and body providing the most important balance that prevents free radical damage. During the outbreak of an epidemic, it is best to use fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C like Citrus fruits because Vitamin C helps in activating the immune response by boosting antibodies.

2) Psychological Well Being
Along with dietary modifications, we should be sure that our mind is at peace especially during the time of an epidemic. Like stress, depression, anxiety, fear or hopelessness can discourage and damage the immune system and your overall ability to fight the infection or disease will significantly reduce, so it is important that you are free from all these psychological troubles.
Some tips to get out of these psychological situations can be;
a) Avoid the things that are negatively bothering you.
b) Practice compassion and learn to forgive people and move forward.
c) Go on a walk daily or Exercise regularly. Do remember that if you are fat or overweight you will need to lose weight as well to get physically and psychologically fit.
d) Develop a hobby to keep yourself engaged.
e) Do the things you love and spend the time with the people you love and those that matter to you the most.

3) Centuries-Old Practices to Boost Health and Immunity
There are some practices that are thought to boost immunity and health for centuries and they do really work, although there is not much evidence or scientific research on them still they are good as long as they help.
a) Stay Hydrated, drink as much water as possible as water is a solvent that will take away the toxins out of the body.
b) Eat a pinch of black seeds (Kalonji) every morning chew and eat them and then also lick equivalent to one spoon honey, this formula works wonders and I have seen many elderly people doing this to stay healthy.
c) Eating a handful of nuts especially Almonds works wonders to keep you healthy, you can also take mixed nuts like pistachio, walnuts, cashew nuts, and almonds.
d) If the epidemic is related to flu, cough, phlegm or overall respiratory tract then taking herbal teas 3 to 4 times daily can really boost your health and immunity. You can use fennel, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and other herbs; add any 2 of them in a cup of water heat it and when half-cup remains then filter out the extract and drink warm.
e) For all such infections, warm milk with one or two spoon fulls of almond oil is also helpful, as milk is full of vitamins and nutrition and almond oil being full of vitamin E and vital minerals and trace elements, this combo provides a super positive effect on your overall health and well being and you will also be able to get relief from flu, cough, sneezing, and phlegm.

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